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Home Reasons to Hire a Lawn Care Company

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Reasons to Hire a Lawn Care Company

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The moment has come. You’re ready to upgrade your lawn’s look from “so-so” to Super Bowl-worthy,” and now the only decision left to be made is small but mighty–who’s actually going to do the work? Step away from the chemicals at the home improvement store. Here’s why you should consider hiring a professional.


Contrary to how sitcoms portray homeownership, lawn care is more than just weekend work. In fact, we believe that between researching, weeding, fertilizing, aerating, seeding, pest control and more (phew!); properly caring for your lawn can be a full-time job! The time needed to hire a professional on the other hand, only requires the amount of time it takes to call up Fairway Lawns or get a quote online.


Have you ever stopped to read the warning labels on chemical lawn care treatments sold at the store? When used incorrectly by someone who’s inexperienced, these chemicals can quickly go from helping your lawn to hurting it (and you and the environment). By hiring a licensed professional, you can be assured that not only are the fertilizers and pesticides being used and disposed of safely, but also that the chemicals that our pros are touting, are even more effective than anything that consumers can get their hands on. Most importantly, professionals have the training and certifications to guarantee that they know how to use these chemicals.


Because of the work that lawn care companies do, the amount that they pay to purchase these treatments and equipment is worthwhile. Unless you, the ambitious homeowner, plan to treat hundreds of homes nearby though, the numbers probably don’t even out so cleanly… and you still have to do the work! In most cases, you’re not only saving money to hire a professional, but you’re also safeguarding your checking account in the process. You see, if you try a chemical lawn care experiment and the results aren’t what you were hoping for, you have to pay out of your own pocket to in order to get them there. If you hire Fairway Lawns though, we come back at no charge if you’re unhappy with the way your lawn looks, and we’ll refund your last application price on top of that.


WebMD is a brilliant (albeit terrifying) tool if you have a question about minor bumps and bruises, but if you’ve come down with the flu, you’d put your trust in a doctor to do the job right– and for good reason! Experts are “experts” because they know what they’re doing. So if you want your lawn to look its best, hiring a professional is what you need. At Fairway Lawns, our name reflects our commitment to exceeding customers’ expectations. We truly believe that our products, services and training can help make your lawn as beautiful and as healthy as the grass found on the most reputable fairways.

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