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Why Care About Lawncare?

why care

With a name like “Fairway Lawns,” it’s clear that we find lawn care important. But why? What is it about these patches of green grass that we find worthwhile? We’re glad you asked.

They Purify the Air.

Ready for a wow-worthy fact? A small, 50 x 50 ft. lawn absorbs enough CO2 and releases enough oxygen in a single day to meet the needs of a family of four for 24 hours.

They Purify the Water.

We like to think the grass in your lawn works the same way a colander does when cooking. It allows the good ingredients (clean water) to pass through, but sifts the bad ingredients (excess nutrients and pollutants) out. That way, your groundwater, streams and lakes can remain clean and safe.

They are a Safe Playground for Kids.

Your lawn is more than just something that you admire from your window. It’s a safe, family-friendly place that your kids can play, use their imagination and get the exercise they so desperately need to develop.

They Provide Curb Appeal.

A green yard does more than turn your neighbors the same color– it dramatically impacts your home’s value. “The first look can leave the buyer with a positive impression and wanting to see more of the property,” says Adkins, McNeil, Smith, and Associates broker, Barbra Swesey, “or a negative impression, leaving the buyers to move on to more polished-looking options.” A higher curb appeal can speed up the selling time and increase your home’s final selling price. Overall, the benefits far outweigh the cost!

They Cool the Air.

If you’ve lived in the southern regions that Fairway Lawns services for long, you’ll know that any way to stay cool in the summer is welcomed! We’re happy to tell you that a well-maintained yard can help you with that. As the warm air collides with the cool moisture from a healthy lawn’s soil, it serves as a natural coolant and makes your yard a more comfortable place to be.

Now that you see why we enjoy lawns so much, we’d love to help you do the same. Contact us today to get your free estimate on a greener, healthier yard and a happier you.

Why care about lawncare