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Home Beauty Tips For Your Yard That Bring Big Benefits

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Insight and industry knowledge on all things important to your lawn.

From landscaping tips to fun ideas for yard play, we cover a wide range of meaningful topics on our blog page.

Beauty Tips For Your Yard That Bring Big Benefits

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Lay Down Fresh Mulch: a great way to freshen up flower beds and help give your entire lawn more color and curb appeal. Along with adding beauty, mulch delivers the more meaningful benefits of reducing the amount of watering required and helping to inhibit the growth of weeds.

Set Up Stepping Stones: this a great way to bring both natural beauty and needed functionality to your yard. Also, marked walking areas help to keep people from stepping through beds and damaging plants. And a stone path is a great solution for tight side areas between you and your neighbor where grass is a bit tougher to grow due to shade and drainage.

Clean Up: after you do your spring cleaning on the inside of your home, move your focus to the outside. Your lawn’s growth benefits from raking up twigs, leaves, and any other debris that has collected over winter; not to mention it just looks better. And don’t forget to hose off furniture, decks, and siding. The weather is getting nicer, be prepared to spend more time outside enjoying it.

Plant Some Color: flowers are a cost-effective way to add some color and highlight throughout your yard. The quick blooms can turn any landscape from dull to delightful. And according to recent studies, flowers have a positive impact on people and increase a person’s overall feeling of well-being. So this is an improvement that you are sure to be happy with. Check with your local nursery to find out the best type of flowers for the shade and sun exposure in your yard.

a well landscaped backyard lawn on a sunny day