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Don’t Fall Behind on Lawn Care

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Summer’s left town, and it’s taken mosquitoes, triple-digit weather and lawn care with it, right? Not quite. Just because the lowered temperatures may have you bundling up more indoors, doesn’t mean it’s time to neglect your lawn. Instead, follow these simple steps during fall to make sure your lawn stays green and luscious year-round.

Rake Regularly

Resist the temptation of letting all of your trees’ leaves fall prior to raking. This excess time allows moisture to collect. The result? Not only will raking be more difficult for you, but the wet leaves will also suffocate your lawn and create an environment for fungal diseases.

Don’t Stop Mowing

Although the upcoming winter will stunt your lawn’s growth, you can’t rely upon that just yet. Instead, continue mowing your grass when needed (1/3 of the grass blade each time). Early in the season, this is a win-win because your lawn mower can also serve as a makeshift mulcher for the premature-falling leaves. Once your grass growth has slowed to a stop, retire your mower until spring, and relax!

Water Rules

Between fall’s rainstorms, cooler temperatures and decreased sunlight, plants need less attention to keep them thriving. Adjust your lawn and container plants’ watering schedule, paying close attention to areas that tend to become waterlogged.

Power of Planting

If you’ve found yourself envying neighbors’ landscaping, now’s the time to take matters into your own hands. Planting flowers and trees in the fall gives them the ample time needed to grow deep roots and transition seamlessly into your spring garden next year.

Make Your Lawn a Fairway Lawns Lawn

Weeds, bugs and bald spots may be minor eye sores now, but if you wait until spring, they upgrade to huge nuisances. That’s why we put the best services and products into caring, treating and fertilizing your lawn all year long. Contact us today!