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Home How-To: Spot a Grub Problem

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How-To: Spot a Grub Problem


Grubs are small, white insects that live in your soil and can harm your grass by eating it and the roots. If left untreated, grubs grow to become beetles, which lay eggs that become more grubs. It’s a vicious cycle! It’s good to catch this problem early before they hatch.

If dead patches of grass are showing up during this late summer season, peel back a small section of turf and brush away the top layer of soil. Spotting a few grubs is normal but more than 6 or 7 means it is time to take action. Other signs of grub activity include an abnormal amount of skunks, raccoons, moles, or birds attacking your lawn. They are trying to uncover their dinner in the form of grubs. It’s essential to get a professional to confirm, as earthworms can also be the case for this. The last sign of grubs is the texture of the lawn. If it has become spongy well after watering your lawn, grubs may be the cause.

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grubs under grass