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How to Winterize Your Yard

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It’s with tight belts and full stomachs that we realize Thanksgiving is well underway, and winter is already lurking around the corner. In fact, we’re already beginning to see tell tale signs of its approach. Will your lawn be ready for the cold by the time the last leaf falls? Try these steps to be sure.

Keep Clear of Leaves

Jumping in piles of week-old leaves may be fun in the movies, but in reality, layers of leaves suffocate your lawn, preventing it from getting the air and sunshine needed to fight against fungi. Regularly rake, from the beginning of fall until the end, to protect against buildup and keep your lawn healthy.

Mulch Much

Let a fresh layer of mulch act as a warm blanket for your plants during winter’s cold and storms. Instead of packing it down too closely though, be particular about your spacing. You should leave a one to two inch gap between mulch and woody stems/ tree trunks to prevent rotting, and soil should be dispersed evenly, about two to four inches deep.

Divide and Conquer

Hit the “refresh” button on your garden by digging up any annuals that have seen better days. Follow them up with plant debris, weeds and trimmings from overgrown perennials, and your garden will sing your praises! Not only does this seasonal clear out keep your garden healthy and mildew-free, but it will also make your spring planting easier when the time comes.

Contact Fairway Lawns

At Fairway Lawns, we’re constantly looking for services and products that help our customers have the healthiest, most beautiful lawns on the block. In addition to our year-round lawn treatments that minimize weeds and maximize grass growth, our Sup-R-Soil Liquid Aeration eliminates one of the commonly-suggested, pre-winter lawn care tips– aeration. Sup-R-Soil, a once a year treatment, maximizes the rainfall benefits to grass, reduces soil erosion and compaction, and improves nutrient retention even in the chilly days that are coming. Contact us today for a first application lawn treatment of only $25.