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Lawn Green-Up Behind “Schedule”

Lawn Seeding in Columbia

We expect our lawns to be green in the spring and continue to thicken up throughout the summer. Even though we are about to enter June, some lawns just aren’t there yet….why ? Cold weather!

All of our territories, from Oklahoma to Arkansas, are about three to four weeks behind schedule – in other words, your lawn may not be as green as you think it should be. There may even be brown patches. Though the weather is warming up, with highs in the 80s and 90s, just last week we had temperatures dip to the 50s, well below the norms. Pair this with a brutally cold and wet winter and you end up having some slow-growing (and greening) lawns.

We suspect those lower temperatures are now behind us; the rain, however, looks to continue on and off for several days – which is great news for lawns! – though your lawn may still need a few good weeks of warm, sunshine weather to green up completely.