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4 New Year’s Resolutions for a Better Lawn

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Happy 2021! While others may be encouraging you to join a gym, cut carbs or kick bad habits; Fairway Lawns is here to help you make a resolution for the thing that can’t make one itself– your lawn. Trust us, your yard will thank you for this TLC!

Resolution #1: I will mow regularly.

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, and the dormant lawns in our southern locations are proof of it! Mowing may be a distant memory right now, but keep this important resolution in mind once spring has sprung. Giving your grass an occasional trim is more than a cosmetic treat for your turf– it’s a necessary chore to increase your lawn’s health and decrease the chances of weeds sprouting up. We recommend that you follow our steps to mowing correctly by keeping your blades sharp, removing only 1/3 of the grass blade at a time, and mowing in different patterns to avoid compaction.

Resolution #2: I will prioritize aeration.

Any New Year’s dieters can admit that it’s easy to become irritable when you don’t get enough food in the day. Similarly, this is how a non-aerated lawn feels when, due to compaction, it’s not exposed to the sun, water and oxygen it needs for nourishment! Nurse your lawn back to health from the inside-out by practicing proper aeration techniques in 2021.

Resolution #3: I will water properly

When watering is done right, it’s one of the most contributing factors to healthy, deeply-rooted grass. When it’s done incorrectly though, you could be “that house,” that lowers your street’s curb appeal with either a dehydrated, fried yard or a drenched, bug-infested one. Instead, make your neighbors green with envy by resolving to water the right way.

Resolution #4: I will pick weeds when I see them.

Every year, millions of innocent lawns are lost to pesky, overgrown weeds. Take time this year to identify what weeds sneak into your yard and create a weed control plan to pull them as soon as they make an appearance.

Even the most well-intentioned resolutions fail occasionally. In fact, 80% of them do by February! Here at Fairway Lawns though, we’re lowering those numbers state by state. That’s why we’re doing more than just providing free estimates and first applications for only $24.95 (though we’re doing that too!). We’re also taking half of these resolutions off your “to do” list. With our exclusive lawn treatment program, we provide the right balance of weed control, fertilizer, and liquid aeration to help maximize the grass you have while significantly reducing your weeds. It’s the same resolution we’ve been making since our founding in 1979, and it’s the same one we’ll keep making for years to come.