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5 Steps to a Spring-Ready Yard

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Have you recently walked around your neighborhood silently wondering why the grass is literally “always greener on the other side”? We’re here to let you in on the secrets to getting your lawn prepped for spring.

Get to Know Your Lawn

Mark this down as your number one rule of lawn care. Afterall, how do you take care of something if you don’t know what it is? It’s important to know what type of grass you have in your yard to understand where your grass should be planted, how to keep it green, and how to protect it. (If you don’t know your grass, click here to learn.)

Be Gentle

While the spring breeze and 60 degree days make for the ideal yardwork setting, be sure to pay attention to tender areas of your lawn before taking care of business. Raking and heavy foot traffic can disturb soggy soil and damage new grass shoots from growing.

Prep for Summer

You may complain about spring’s chilly mornings, but those mornings make your soil the perfect temperature to defend your yard against summer weeds. At Fairway, we treat our customers’ lawns with pre-emergent crabgrass control now, so that the crabgrass seeds that sprout in summer don’t ever take root. If you’re not a current customer of ours, call us at 1-800-300-8565 for a free estimate.

Consider Scalping

For Bermuda and zoysia grass, scalping may be the key to a lovely lawn. Scalping is the process of cutting grass short enough to remove the dormant, dry grass from winter months, exposing the stems of the grass blades. This lets sunlight get to your soil quicker and easier, allowing the ground to warm up faster and start producing the green, lush grass you’ve been envying.

Water, Water Everywhere

With watering your lawn, it’s about quality over quantity. Mother Nature helps with this, but if you’re in an area with little rain, try soaking your lawn once or twice a week instead of watering it daily for short periods of time (unless it’s newly seeded). This allows for roots to grow deeper and stronger.

Try these 5 steps to prepare for spring, and remember, we’re always just a phone call away.

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