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Fall Lawns & Landscaping

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The first official day of Fall was September 23, though the mornings have been cool and the leaves have been changing colors for a few weeks before that date. The crisp air reminds us that the leaves will soon drop and winter is soon upon us.

Your lawn is starting to go dormant for the winter even now, but there are still several important lawn chores to do before that happens! The best way to have a green lawn in the spring is to care for it well during the fall and winter. Continue to water your lawn as needed throughout the fall and rake (or blow) any pesky leaves that may have begun to accumulate. Keep removing leaves throughout the fall; piles of leaves prevent air flow and may rot. If you have cool season grass, such as fescue, rye and bluegrass, fall is also the perfect time to aerate and overseed your lawn. Seeding each fall will help keep your lawn thick and lush for the upcoming year.

Fall is also the perfect time to plant trees, shrubs and spring bulbs. Existing flora may be lightly pruned and tidied up.