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Home Fall Projects for Your Fairway Lawn

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Fall Projects for Your Fairway Lawn

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School is back in session. Fall work retreat next weekend. Football practice in the afternoons. Ballet rehearsals in the evening. Dentist appointment on Thursday. The weather has become calmer, but your life hasn’t slowed down. So we’ve come up with a list of fall lawn projects that take just a few minutes but make all the difference come springtime.

Feed and reseed. Ideally, September is a good time to call to get this done, but it’s not too late! Feeding and reseeding your Fescue lawn in the fall helps repair the damage done during the summer heat and drought.

During this time, grass growth will be slow and Bermuda and Zoysia grass color will dim. So it’s a perfect time to add a splash of color by planting mums, pansies, and asters.

If your perennials and vegetables are past their prime, cut them back and recycle the old stuff back into your soil. This will help keep pests at bay.

Speaking of bugs, it’s getting chilly out and these pesky pests need a warm, dry place to bunk. Don’t let it be yours. Call local pest control as a preventative before you have some unwelcome guests over the holidays.

Whether you rake or mulch, ensure your leaves don’t nap on your lawn for too long. They block much needed sunlight and oxygen.

Create a fall lawnscape! We recommend a bale of hay on the front porch and a scary array of jack-o-lanterns to greet trick-or-treaters.

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