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Lawn Winter Effects


The changes that the weather goes through in the winter times can define what your grass will look like and how it will grow in spring. Lawn treatment should be thought of and treated like house maintenance; it has to happen year-round to get the healthy lushness and beautiful green that make your neighbors want to know how you do it. (Hint: The answer is “Oh, I get a little help from Fairway Lawns”). Listed below are some of the lawn winter effects your grass experiences during the colder, snowier, icier times of the year, even in the southeast, where Fairway Lawns serves.

Dormant – This is when the grass’s usual vibrant green is turning more into a tan, brownish color, but have no fear! It’s still alive and will be growing tall again this spring if you’ve taken the precautions and fertilized and seeded with Fairway.

Desiccate – This is similar to a dehydration of your grass, and only occurs during extreme cold temperatures when snow and ice hasn’t allowed moisture to reach the roots. This reaction is akin to a winter frost burn.

Death – Unfortunately, damage and even death of the grass is still a possibility. As much as possible, keep heavy foot traffic off your lawn when ice and snow has fallen to prevent pressure from breaking and damaging the grass. This will usually happen when your region has had four days or more in a row where temps haven’t reached above 30 degrees. However, snow angels for the little ones are always permitted.

As always, Fairway Lawns strives to prevent all this from happening and can help your lawn revive itself quicker, thicker and more vibrant in the spring. If you want to receive more tips about winter lawn effects, follow us on Facebook.  Give us a call today!