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Home Prepping for a Fairway Fall

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Prepping for a Fairway Fall

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Summer of 2015 will go down in US history as the 6th wettest summer on record. Well, for some of us. Some of us are wondering where all that rain went. But if you’re one of those lucky regions that got the downpour, that’s great news for your lawn and your water bill dedicated to the sprinkler. But that doesn’t mean the heat didn’t do its own work on your lawn. There may still be one or two – or three – bare areas that require additional Fairway seeding.

This late summer time is perfect to start preparing your lawn for fall and winter. September’s weather lends well to the conditions needed for quick germination and turf establishment. The nighttime temperatures begin to slightly cool off, which will bring on some fall rains.

Another thing to consider for your backyard is planting fall vegetables to cook delicious hearty meals on the upcoming cool evenings. For the climate Fairway Lawns serves, we recommend lettuce, spinach, cabbage, peas, kale, cucumbers, butternut squash, and tomatoes.

In the Tulsa, Memphis, Springdale, and Huntsville areas, aeration and over seeding with us is a good idea for those who have Fescue, a cool season, shady grass. Recommended service for October and November would be the pre-emergence service to prevent certain weeds from coming up in winter months.