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Home Spring It On: 5 Ways to Prep Your Lawn for the Season

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Spring It On: 5 Ways to Prep Your Lawn for the Season

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The first day of spring has finally sprung, and you can feel the excitement in the air. Before you kick off your shoes and go frolicking through your front yard’s newly-green grass though, there’s some work to be done. Luckily, here at Fairway Lawns, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Grab a Saturday (the sooner, the better) and start prepping for spring lawn care with these five tips.

Survey (and Repair) Winter’s Damage

A lot can happen in those three, short months separating the beginning of winter and spring. Don’t believe us? Just take a few laps around the perimeter of your property. Survey areas damaged by the storm season or spots where weeds have sprouted up, and do a quick spring cleaning.

Water the Right Way

You did it! You found the water hose that your lawn care was missing, and now you’re ready to see if it does all of the amazing things that the salesman promised it would. But wait right there! During this time of year when grass is starting to grow again, the growth starts at the roots. If the ground is dry, these roots grow deeper into the soil to help your grass survive droughts. Take advantage of that! Don’t start the process of watering your lawn until your grass tells you its time. If you walk across the lawn and the sprouts don’t spring back up underneath your feet, it’s time! Use our tips to water the right way, and get your blades of glory looking their very best.

Freshen Up Your Flower Beds

They say that April showers bring May flowers, but “they” left an important step out of that cliché– you have to work for it! Before you start planting your favorite florals, test your soil by giving it a good squeeze. If the dirt crumbles in your hands easily, it’s time to start prepping your plants. If it sticks together in a clumpy mess though, it’s too wet.

Tune Up the Mower

If you thought it was hard to go back to work after a three-day weekend, think of a lawn mower! After months of little-to-no work, it’s going to need a tuneup before spring lawn care begins. Hire a technician to check the starter, spark plug, belts and battery of your mower; and make sure the blade is sharp in order to get a clean cut.

Treat the Grass

In the end, no matter how well you take care of your lawn equipment or flower beds; your turf will take center stage. And in the spring especially, grass care is just as much about fertilization as it is weed prevention. That’s why, from Oklahoma to South Carolina, Fairway Lawns has created the ultimate, high-performing treatment to get you loving your lawn again. Contact us today for your free estimate!