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Home Huntsville, AL

Huntsville, AL

Put our experienced lawn technicians to work for you.

Weed control, fertilizer, tree u0026 shrub care, lawn aeration, insect control…our team has it covered when it comes to keeping your business beautiful.

Home Huntsville, AL

Expert Lawn Treatment Services in Huntsville, AL

At Fairway Lawns, we know that caring for your lawn takes time and effort—but you don’t have to do it alone! We provide lawn treatment services in Huntsville, AL, giving homeowners the best possible results. Our goal is to ensure that your yard looks its best year-round.

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About Our Huntsville Lawn Care Program

Lawn Treatment Services in Huntsville – We understand that every lawn is different. That’s why we tailor our services to your individual needs. We’ll create a custom plan based on your yard’s grass type, soil condition, and other factors affecting its health.

Our core lawn treatment services in Huntsville, AL, include aeration/over-seeding for fescue lawns in the fall, Sup-R-Soil (liquid aeration), preventative grub control, active grub control, armyworm control, annual fire ant treatment, lawn insect control, and disease control. Our team can take care of all your lawn service needs in Huntsville, so you have one less thing to worry about.

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Lawn Weed Control

Our team of experts has deep experience in working with various weed types and knows how to find the right balance between fertilizer and weed control for your lawn. 
At Fairway Lawns, we strive to provide the highest quality results. Our team is committed to prompt customer service with 48-hour response times, weather permitting. Service calls between appointments are free for full-program customers.

Our Three-Step Process to a Beautiful Lawn

With our OnPar® system, you’ll have a healthy, beautiful yard that is the envy of the neighborhood. All you need to do is water and mow, and we’ll handle the rest!

  1. A trained technician will visit and assess your lawn and soil condition to determine the appropriate treatment plan for your needs.
  2. After treatment, our team will email your invoice and important treatment notes.
  3. We place a flag on your lawn so you know we have treated it.

We strive to make lawn care as convenient and stress-free as possible, so we do not require homeowners to be present while we apply treatments.

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Lawn Maintenance Services in Huntsville, AL

At Fairway Lawns, we offer additional lawn maintenance services to help keep your yard healthy and beautiful. They include the following:

Tree and Shrub Care Program

Trees and shrubs are essential to your landscape. We offer a tree and shrub care program to help keep them healthy. Our program includes insect control, disease control, and fertilization services.

Sup-R-Soil Lawn Aeration

Our Sup-R-Soil liquid aeration service helps improve your lawn’s health and vitality by loosening compacted soil. In turn, it helps free up nutrients for your grass. 

Weed Control

Weeds can be a nuisance, but our weed control program can help protect your lawn from these unwanted plants. Our experienced technicians will treat your yard with the most effective products to eliminate weeds and prevent future ones.

Special Services

Our trained technicians have experience in dealing with pests and diseases that can affect your lawn’s health, and they will customize a plan to help keep your grass looking its best.

Why Choose Fairway Lawns?

We know your lawn is an integral part of your home, so who you choose for your lawn maintenance is crucial. When you choose Fairway Lawns for your lawn treatment services in Huntsville, AL, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

Highly-Trained Technicians

At Fairway Lawns, we take pride in hiring and training highly-skilled technicians. Our team is knowledgeable about the latest products and techniques for lawn care and will take the time to understand your specific needs before recommending a treatment plan tailored to you.

Customer-Focused Service

We strive to provide excellent customer service and are committed to prompt response times with a 48-hour turnaround on service calls, weather permitting.

Industry-Leading Products

We use only the highest quality products available on the market to give your yard the best balance of weed control and fertilization. Our products are proven effective in protecting your lawn from weeds, pests, and disease.

Money-Back Guarantee

We believe in our services, so we offer a money-back guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied with how your lawn looks, we’ll come back at no charge until you are or refund your last application price.

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When you choose Fairway Lawns, you can rest assured that your yard is in the best hands. Our experienced team of experts has the knowledge and expertise to provide the highest quality lawn treatment services in Huntsville, AL. 

Bob Barwick is the local manager of Fairway Lawns in Huntsville, AL. With years of experience providing lawn care and treatment services in Huntsville, Bob has extensive knowledge and expertise. He gives all customers top-notch service and lawn treatments. He and his team are committed to delivering superior results every time.
In addition to Huntsville, Fairway serves these surrounding cities: Athens, Brownsboro, Gurley, Harvest, Hazel Green, Madison, Maysville, Meridianville, New Market, and Owens Cross Roads. We look forward to working with you soon!

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