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Home What is the importance of hiring a lawn care company?

What is the importance of hiring a lawn care company?

Home What is the importance of hiring a lawn care company?

There’s a better way to care for your lawn.

What is the importance of hiring a lawn care company?

hiring a lawn care company – Let’s be honest. A beautiful green carpet of healthy grass means instant curb appeal, and many of us think we can achieve it with four simple steps. You know the kind of TV commercials that have you buying four bags that promise you a thick, green turf. Just fertilize this and that, add some water, and you’re good to go.

It’s not that easy, however, and that is why you need the lawn professionals. Hiring a lawn care company is a tiny investment that yields gorgeous grass throughout the seasons. These lawn care experts know the right moments to fertilize, mow, apply chemical treatments, aerate the lawn and more. They also understand how climate plays a key role in determining the type of grass that grows best in your yard and the annoying issues that might plague your lawn.

Each yard features a different soil composition, for example, and lawn experts will tell you that soil analysis is a small cost that pays big dividends. They understand your soil’s pH factor and how adding limestone can raise the pH of acidic soil, and sulfur can lower the pH of alkaline soil.

In addition, there are a variety of common lawn issues that homeowners don’t know how to properly treat. Crabgrass is one of them. Lawn care experts will tell you that timing is crucial to controlling crabgrass.

Then, there are dandelions that thrive in thin lawns and develop your grass into unsightly patches and clumps.

Fungus, moss, grubs and even dog urine can all attack your lawn leaving it sad and limp.

Creating a gorgeous green lawn is really a science, and turf professionals know exactly how to turn your grass into a healthy green carpet.

Hiring a lawn care company is a wise decision. Let us grow it green.