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Home Lawn 101 Lawn Diseases Grey Leaf Spot Fungus Lawn Disease

Grey Leaf Spot Fungus Lawn Disease

We understand that trust is grown through the results we deliver.

Our technicians help identify and treat lawn diseases, like: brown patch, dollar spot, fairy ring, gray leaf spot fungus, rust, powdery mildew and spring dead spot.

Home Lawn 101 Lawn Diseases Grey Leaf Spot Fungus Lawn Disease

Know how to protect your lawn’s health.

Avoid disease destruction with these grey leaf spot fungus tips.

Grey Leaf Spot Fungus

Grey Leaf Spot Fungus spot is caused by the fungus, Pyricularia grisea, and causes severe damage primarily on St. Augustine grass. Tall fescue may also be damaged by gray leaf spot. Leaf spots on grass blades are tan to gray with purple to brown margins. When the disease is severe, the entire planting may appear a brownish color or scorched, similar to damage caused by drought. This disease most commonly occurs during warm, rainy periods in the summer.

Grey Leaf Spot Fungus
Disease GrayLeafSpot 1

Prevention and Treatment

Plant resistant cultivars. Avoid excessive applications of nitrogen, especially during warm, humid weather. Irrigate deeply only when needed and in the early morning. Avoid stresses induced by drought, or compacted soil. Improve air movement and light intensity by pruning trees and undergrowth. Fungicide may be necessary for control. Your Fairway Lawns technician can determine if a fungicide treatment plan is necessary.

Lawn Treatment Service

If your lawn is suffering from grey leaf spot, contact the lawn treatment service experts at Fairway Lawns to get your yard healthy once more!