Rust Lawn Disease

Rust fungi (Puccinia species) can infect most types of grasses, but occur most commonly on bluegrass, fescue, ryegrass, and zoysiagrass. Rust diseases are favored by warm, humid conditions and develop most frequently on lawns that are stressed by drought, low nitrogen, and shade. Disease first appears on leaves as tiny orange to reddish-brown flecks that enlarge to form raised pustules. Lawns that are heavily infected become thin and weak with an orange or reddish color.

Prevention and Treatment

Rust is most often a problem on lawns with too much shade. Avoid stressing the lawn. Maintain adequate nitrogen levels and irrigate during drought conditions. Mow the grass regularly, and remove clippings, being sure not to cut the lawn too low. Do not over water. Fungicide may be necessary for control. Your Fairway Lawns technician can determine if a fungicide treatment plan is necessary.

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