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Nashville, TN

Put our experienced lawn technicians to work for you.

Weed control, fertilizer, tree and shrub care, lawn aeration, insect control…our team has it covered when it comes to keeping your yard beautiful.

Home Nashville, TN

Complete Lawn Treatment Services in Nashville, TN

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Our Lawn Care Experts Treat Your Entire Yard.

Lawn Treatment Services in Nashville – A lush, green lawn is essential for any home in Nashville, TN. With its hot summers and mild winters, the climate presents unique challenges for preserving a healthy lawn. Maintaining a healthy yard can be especially difficult if you don’t have access to professional treatment services.

Fairway Lawns is a local lawn care company that provides homeowners with expert lawn treatment services in Nashville, TN. We offer the tools and expertise needed to keep your yard looking its best throughout the year.

We offer various services, including fertilizer application, tree and shrub care, lawn aeration, and more. Our experts will create a customized lawn care program for your property to ensure it gets the attention it deserves.

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Our Lawn Treatment Services

Fairway Lawns is dedicated to helping you maintain beautiful, healthy turf with our lawn treatment services in Nashville, TN. Our technicians provide the highest quality services.

  • Fertilization uses essential nutrients to help your lawn stay healthy and vibrant. Fairway Lawns uses a fertilizer that helps maximize your grass, working alongside our pre- and post-emergent weed control methods.
  • Weeds are a common problem in Nashville’s climate. We’ve developed an effective pre- and post-emergent weed control program to help keep your lawn free of unwanted growth. Our team targets common weeds like crabgrass, clover, and dandelions.
  • Lawn diseases can quickly damage your lawn if not treated properly. Fairway Lawns offers disease control to protect your property from pests and fungus. Our team will identify the root cause of the issue and use our expertise to prevent further damage while boosting your yard’s health.
  • Natural, liquid lawn aeration with Sup-R-Soil is an effective alternative to traditional aeration. It allows us to get essential nutrients into your soil quickly and efficiently. Our method offers the same benefits as traditional aeration, including improved water absorption and oxygen levels.
  • Tree and shrub care is an essential aspect of any lawn maintenance program. Fairway Lawns offers professional tree and shrub care services to keep your landscaping healthy and gorgeous. Our team can identify common issues, such as insect infestations or diseases, and develop a custom plan to maintain their beauty.
  • All cool season grass should be overseeded each fall to keep it thick and lush. We select the best type of seed for your area, mechanically aerate your shade areas, and seed those areas properly. 

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Best Practices for Lawn Care

At Fairway Lawns, we believe in following best practices for lawn care to ensure your yard looks its best year-round. We are committed to providing superior lawn treatment services in Nashville, TN, and will work with you to create a customized program that meets your lawn’s specific needs.

Alongside our frequent lawn care treatments, it is vital to maintain your lawn by following the best practices:

Regular Mowing

Regular mowing is essential for controlling weeds and promoting healthy growth. We recommend mowing at least once weekly, with the blades set high enough to remove only one-third of the blade length during each cut. Doing so promotes root growth and allows greater moisture into the soil, helping your lawn stay healthy and lush.


Proper watering is essential for a healthy lawn. Ensure you water your yard infrequently, as it encourages deep root growth and helps the lawn stay resilient during dry spells. Our technicians can guide you on the best watering method for your soil type.

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Choose Fairway Lawns for Expert Lawn Treatment Services in Nashville, TN

If you’re looking for professional lawn treatment services in Nashville, TN, look no further than Fairway Lawns. Our experienced technicians provide customized services to help keep your yard looking its best, whatever the season.

With ten years of experience, local Branch Manager Terrence Hawkins is well-versed in providing individualized lawn care and treatment services in Nashville, TN. His favorite part about his job is seeing how Fairway Lawns can turn a neglected yard into a beautiful, lush lawn!

Fairway Lawns services Nashville and the surrounding areas, including Antioch, Brentwood, Franklin, Lavergne, Murfreesboro, Nolensville, Smyrna, Springhill, Thompson Station, and Bellevue.

Don’t wait any longer to reach the lawn of your dreams. Contact us today to achieve the perfect yard. Our team is here to answer any questions and help schedule a service so you can start enjoying a beautiful, lush lawn.