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The Beauty Of Better Lawn Service

Lawn Treatment Services in Charleston

Our promise to our customers is to support their lawn care needs with leading products and unmatched expertise while always demonstrating professionalism and integrity. A customer’s trust in us to treat his/her yard means a lot to our entire team. We feel the best way to reward this trust is to provide a level of service that produces results that exceed each customer’s expectations.

Along with our exclusive weed control/fertilizer treatment, we offer a wide range of services to best serve lawn care needs, such as our Tree and Shrub Services, Preventative Grub Treatment, Fire Ant Control,  and Fall Aeration and Overseeding.

At Fairway Lawns, we truly believe that our products and services can help make our customers’ lawns as beautiful and as healthy as the fairways found on the most reputable golf courses. Yes, our quality standards are set higher, and we understand to meet them we have to work harder; for every customer that we serve. It’s our commitment to doing this that allows us to continue to grow greater expectations.