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Your Lawn’s Worst Enemies

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The kids are off to school, the air conditioner isn’t set to “arctic freeze” anymore and life is good. The next handful of months between the dead heat of summer and the bone-chilling winter all revolve around one thing– your yard. Watering, mowing, gardening, playing, fertilizing– the list of outdoor activities you have “scheduled” go on and on. The only thing you don’t love about your lawn? The insects that invade it. Learn about the most common bugs that bury themselves into your grass, and how you can identify them, find them and fight them with Fairway Lawns.


Topping the list of lawn invaders is the reigning champion of grass damage– grubs. Known for their alien-like appearance; these white, c-shaped lawn lovers are easily missed until late summer when the effects of their root-munching begin to show in the way of bare, brown patches. To catch them before they catch your yard, pay attention to both the look and feel of your lawn. If the ground feels spongy, as if it were freshly-laid sod, or if you can pull back patches of your lawn like loose pieces of carpet; grubs have likely claimed your home as a gathering space.

Fire Ants

While the average fire ant colony won’t damage your lawn, they damage something much closer to your heart– your family. These painful pests build their mounds in open, sunny areas, like your lawn, and often congregate towards sidewalks and driveways in hopes of absorbing any extra heat that they give off. If you notice that the south’s most popular pests have set up camp in your yard, don’t hesitate to fight back. When fire ant mounds remain undisturbed, they send additional queens to begin rapidly multiplying nearby.


If you’ve ever claimed to want a smaller lawn, the infamous armyworm will gladly help you out. Similar to grubs, these hungry pests will transform your turf from luscious to barren, nearly overnight. And since these battling bugs are nocturnal, you’ll likely find their foliage damage before you find the critters themselves. If birds seem to have increasingly become fond of your yard, or if your once envy-worthy grass is suddenly looking discolored and chewed up, there’s a good chance that armyworms have already turned your lawn into lunch.


Nothing sucks the fun out of an afternoon in your yard like mosquitoes. Carrying illnesses dangerous to both your family and your pets, these bloodsuckers are more than a nuisance– they’re a threat. Deter them by removing standing water and adding essential oils to your outdoor area. Then, if you’re in our Arkansas or Oklahoma markets, leave the next step up to the professionals (that’s us). After all, mosquitoes may suck, but getting rid of them doesn’t have to.

Whether you’re furious with fire ants or you’re fighting the battle with armyworms, Fairway Lawns offers our customers special pest control treatments to help rid your yard of the insects doing it damage. Contact us today for your free estimate, so you can go back to your regularly “scheduled” lawn activities, with more lawn love than ever before.